Deidre de Villiers

Afrikaans, English

Willing to travel



I hold a Masters degree in Positive Psychology and am a Certified Resilience Expert. Over and above this offering, I am a registered Independent Psychometrist. This unique skill set informs my consideration when helping others navigate challenging, and sometimes overwhelming situations. As a Mediator specifically, I am able to use my extensive experience including having lived and worked abroad as a Mental Health Practitioner, together with my assessment of personality and capacity, to respectfully and with empathy, guide others to finding their own solutions. My education and experiences are ideally suited to the fields in which I received additional training, namely Medical Negligence and Family Law. I work from the premise that mediation can only occur in a context where needs are identified and met. As a mediator I cannot make decisions for you, but I can create a context which will lend itself to a discourse of understanding, negotiation and agreement. Most importantly, I am emphatic, patient, non-judgmental, and cognizant of the fact that a mutually agreed upon outcome (or peace) cannot be attained through manipulation, or by force. A mutually satisfactory outcome can only be achieved by all parties being willing to really hear and understand. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE STRENGTH.


  • Defamation
  • Education/Schools
  • Family Law
  • General
  • Medical negligence
  • Religion
  • Service Delivery


  • R 900 / per hour
  • R 3500 / per half day
  • R 5000 / per full day